To the authors of scientific papers

Publishing requirements

volume – 2-4 full pages of A4 format

font – 12 pt Times New Roman

spacing – 1.5 (one-and-a-half spacing)

margins – 25 mm from every side

first line – the title of the paper

second line – the author's name and initials

third line – institution the author represents

fourth line – blank line

fifth line – abstract in English (6 lines)

starting form the eleventh page – paper body

Full information on the publishing requirements with an example is presented on the oficial site of KhNURE (section "Scientific activity / Scientific and technical events").

Conference papers should be sent to the address of the organizing committee -

General provisions

Materials of recent studies that have not been published previously are accepted.

Papers may be provided in Ukrainian or English.

The organizing committee retains the right to: make corrections to texts; refuse accepting materials (in case the requirements are not met, irrelevant topic, lack of information about the authors). The authors of accepted materials will be notified in advance.

After the conference, the best papers are going to be published in the scientific and technical journals: Innovative Technologies and Scientific Solutions for Industries Radio electronics and computer science Automated control systems and devices for automation Utilities of cities

The conference program and the conference proceedings will be provided to participants during the registration. Each author will receive a collection of papers and an official certificate that acknowledges the participation in the conference.

Foreign collective monograph

The organizing committee offers to the participants of the conference an author's participation in a foreign collective monograph on the topic: "Information systems in project and program management"". It will be published by the European publishing house "Landmark" SIA (Riga, Latvia) in English with the award of UDC and ISBN. That will give an opportunity to the authors to take part in multi-authored scientific work published in the country of the European Union.

To participate in the monograph, you need to send the material in accordance with the theme of the conference in a volume of not less than 9 pages to e-mail address The deadline is August 10, 2023.

Materials are accepted in Ukrainian and English.

Moreover, in accordance with the updated requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the procedure of awarding scientific degrees to scientific and academic workers the lack of sufficient amount of scientific papers in periodicals included in such scientometric bases as Scopus or Web of Science can be substituted by the publication of monograph in English (Paragraph II.2.4 of the Procedure for Awarding Scientific Degrees to Scientific and Academic Workers, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on 14 January 2016 №13 as amended on 03/03/2017).